Friday, January 11, 2013

LA Zoo 2013

 Happy birthday Miss Tessa!! This year since we're not throwing birthday parties for the kids, we decided that we'd let them pick a place they wanted to go on their actual birthday. Tessa picked the Zoo, because she just loves the all the animals!
 Quick list of pros and cons for going to the Zoo in January.
Pro: it's not crowded at all
it's not insanely hot
and you have a clear view of all the animals
Cons: it get's pretty chilly in the shade!
since it's so chilly a lot of the animals have to stay indoors and you don't get to see them
and finally you pay full price but only get to see half of the animals.

 Riding the snake just like in "The Rescuer's Down Under".
 Stinky flamingos!!
 Riding on the back of the snake!

 My handsome little man!!

 Reading the map with all her sassiness.
 The kids (and I) really love all the random squirrels running around the zoo!

 Riding a giraffe!! Because honestly who wouldn't ride a giraffe given the chance?!

 Visiting the Lair!! It was Daddy's first time seeing it, and our second time. Except this was the first time we actually went through the whole exhibit. Which by the way is pretty neat!

 And finally the zebras! We got a kick out of watching them. Three females running from one male. Pretty sure it was mating season lol.

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